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Vision Panels and Machine Safety Glass Solutions

Tecdur® MachineSafe is a range of vision panels for use in CNC machining centres, lathe, milling and other metalworking machines that require safety glass.

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Metalworking fluids and lubricants are known to degrade the polycarbonate in vision panels, resulting in a rapid reduction in impact resistance (aging) of the material. This aging can also cause the polycarbonate to discolour at the later stages. Mitigation of this degradation in the machine safety glass is now a requirement in the relevant British, European and International safety standards.

CNC Machine and Vision Panels

Tecdur® MachineSafe provides full protection of the machine safety glass’ polycarbonate core from aging, thereby maintaining the safety rating and performance of the product. In accordance with the relevant standards, Tecdur® MachineSafe products are accredited to BS EN ISO 16090 (Machining centres, Milling Machines and Transfer Machines) and BS EN ISO 23125 (Turning machines). 


CNC Safety windows are manufactured to order for one-off or multiple spares against the existing safety specification and size. 


Please note that BS EN 12417 and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Engineering Information Sheet EIS No 33 have now been superseded by the latest standards above. 


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