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Vision Panels and Machine Safety Glass Solutions

Tecdur® MachineSafe is a product family of vision panels for use in CNC, milling and other metalworking machines that require machine safety glass.

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Research has shown that metalworking fluids and lubricants will degrade the polycarbonate in vision panels after relatively short periods of time resulting in significant reduction in the impact resistance of the material. In the later stages, the polycarbonate can also discolour. Mitigation of this degradation in the quality of the machine safety glass is now a requirement in many countries.

CNC Machine and Vision Panels

Tecdur® technology can provide full protection of the machine safety glass’ polycarbonate core from these chemicals maintaining the safety and performance of the vision panels for extended periods. Tecdur® MachineSafe products have a range of accreditations to EN12417.

machine safety glass
impact resistant vision panels and machine safety glass Bullet resistant vision panels and machine safety glass

Capability guide

  SecureGlass DisplaySecure MachineSafe BlastGlass
Impact Resistant Tick Tick Tick Options
Bullet Resistant Options Options - Options
Fire Resistant Options - Options Options
Blast Resistant Options - - Tick
  Ballistic FireSecure BlastWall BlastStrip
Impact Resistant Options Tick - -
Bullet Resistant Tick Options Options -
Fire Resistant Options Tick Options -
Blast Resistant Options Options Tick Tick