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Outdoor Laminates

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A cost-effective alternative to external PVB laminated glass
Engineered to be water resistant

What are Tecdur® Outdoor Laminates

Tecdur® Outdoor Laminates are a range of laminated glass products engineered to resist moisture and the damaging effects typical of standard PVB laminated glass constructions.

Why use outdoor laminates?

Glass laminates typically contain PVB which is suitable for internal use but when used for external application such as frameless glass balustrading and glazed screens, delamination because of moisture can be a problem. Delamination can be prevalent when the edges of glass constructions are exposed to environmental conditions such as rainwater and sudden temperature changes. Tecdur® Outdoor Laminates incorporates EVA which is crosslinked to provide perfect glass adhesion and is a highly moisture resistant interlayer which will not degrade or delaminate if exposed to moisture. Crosslinked EVA also provides a better performance profile at elevated temperatures compared to PVB.


Applications include:

• Commercial shopfronts (facades, frameless doors)
• Architectural (Glass canopies)
• Residential balconies
• Marine Vessels (Balustrading, windshields, sunroof, hatches)


Why choose us?

The flexibility of our EVA lamination process allows us to incorporate decorative inserts within Tecdur® Outdoor Laminates. Inserts can include digitally printed PET, fabric, metal or even stone to create a multitude of different surface effects. The only limitation is your imagination! Our range of outdoor laminates can also be enhanced to meet modern design requirements by providing additional performance benefits such as manual attack resistance [EN 356, LPS 1270] and ballistic resistance [EN 1063].

Tecdur® Outdoor Laminates is the ideal solution for those seeking a cost-effective alternative to external PVB laminated glass constructions.

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