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Bullet Proof Glass, Bullet Resitant Glass and Armoured Glass Solutions

Tecdur® Ballistic is a range of transparent armoured glass technologies for automotive or architectural use.

Bullet proof glass

TThe Tecdur® Ballistic range of bullet resistant glass – also known as bullet proof glass- is made of glass-polymer composites engineered to withstand the full range of EN1063 ballistic threats.

"Lighter and Whiter"

The range encompasses both traditional construction techniques and innovative light weight solutions offering up to a 30% weight saving – important in the automotive and marine sectors.

Tecdur® Ballistic can be up to a third lighter than typical glass/glass laminations and can be made to provide near perfect clarity with a light transmittance of 85% to 90% whereas similar protection with a glass/glass laminate would typically be as low as 60%.

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