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Blast Glass

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Blast Glass, Blast Resistant Glass and Explosion Proof Glass Solutions

Tecdur® BlastGlass is a range of blast resistant glass made of glass-polymer composites engineered to withstand very high levels of blast loading.

Tecdur® BlastGlass adds additional dimensions to security glazing.

When standard laminated glass is subjected to a blast event there can be a significant amount of dangerous spall (broken glass thrown off the inner face). Tecdur® BlastGlass is a blast resistant glass that uses laminating technology that helps to mitigate this through excellent interlayer/glass bond strength leading to significantly lower levels of spall; it is sometimes referred to as explosion proof glass.

Tecdur® BlastGlass can be designed to meet specific blast threats from accidental, industrial or deliberate explosions. It can incorporate physical attack or ballistic protection.

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