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Explosion Protection, Masonry Reinforcement and Blast Panels Solutions

Tecdur® BlastStrip blast panels provide masonry reinforcement as explosion protection

Explosion protection

Tecdur® BlastStrip is used to enhance load bearing or infil walls against moderate levels of blast with no loss of room space and minimal installation impact. Our validated engineering model allows correct specification and prediction of performance.

The system has been extensively tested in UK and abroad and can be installed by tradesmen.

The aim of this innovative system is to protect life and critical equipment from deliberate or accidental explosions.

Masonry Reinforcement Blast Panels

Capability guide

  SecureGlass DisplaySecure MachineSafe BlastGlass
Impact Resistant Tick Tick Tick Options
Bullet Resistant Options Options - Options
Fire Resistant Options - Options Options
Blast Resistant Options - - Tick
  Ballistic FireSecure BlastWall BlastStrip
Impact Resistant Options Tick - -
Bullet Resistant Tick Options Options -
Fire Resistant Options Tick Options -
Blast Resistant Options Options Tick Tick