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Acoustic Glass

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Sound Reduction Glass- up to 42dB Rw
Engineered to Reduce Noise Pollution

What is Tecdur® Acoustic Glass

Tecdur® Acoustic Glass is a specialist sound reduction glass designed to dramatically reduce sound levels within living spaces.

Sound levels vary depending on the environment, for example a busy road will generate a sound level of around 70dB. By contrast a room would be considered quiet with a sound level of around 30dB. Therefore to achieve the required level of ambient sound within a living space, the external level may need to be reduced by as much as 40dB or more.


Why use acoustic glass?

By introducing acoustic interlayers into a glass construction, you can benefit from improved sound reduction, thereby significantly reducing the sound entering the space. Tecdur® Acoustic Glass incorporates one or more specialist sound reducing interlayers designed to provide sound reduction of up to 42dB Rw. So whether you are a specifier or property owner, Tecdur® Acoustic Glass can also eliminate the need for obtrusive secondary glazing.

Applications include:

• Office partitions
• Manufacturing facilities
• Hospitality spaces
• Educational institutions



Why choose us?

Tecdur® Acoustic Glass can be enhanced to support modern design requirements by providing additional performance benefits including manual attack resistance[EN356,LPS1270/LPS1175], switchable privacy, fire resistance [Exova, CertiFire], ballistic resistance [EN1063] and blast resistance.

Tecdur® Acoustic Glass is the perfect choice for those looking to create quiet calming spaces.

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