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Privacy Glass

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Efficient Switchable Privacy Glass
Engineered to Provide Privacy

What is Tecdur® Privacy Glass

Tecdur® Privacy Glass is a switchable glass product designed to provide switchable privacy or transparency in commercial or residential settings. Security glass

Tecdur® Privacy Glass is a laminated glass product which incorporates our advanced liquid crystal film (PDLC) and uses a small electrical current to switch between clear and opaque states.



Why use switchable privacy glass?

Whether you are considering an office, hospital, retail, hotel or residential application, Tecdur® Privacy Glass can eliminate the need for blinds or curtains, instead providing the ability to transition between clear and opaque states at the flick of a switch.


Applications include:

• Maintenance free replacement for window blinds
• Office partitions
• Bathroom privacy screens (hotels)
• Hygienic patient partitions (hospitals)
• HD projection surfaces (Turn your shop window or facade into a dynamic moving advertisement)
• Dynamic display cases



Why choose us?

With our CE marked controllers, the power consumption of our switchable privacy glass is so low that we believe it is the most efficient privacy glass in the UK and Ireland. Tecdur® Privacy Glass has also been rigorously tested and developed to perform as expected. In addition, unlike other switchable privacy glass products, our privacy glass doesn’t need to be switched off to preserve performance and life expectancy.

To support modern design requirements Tecdur®Privacy Glass can be enhanced to provide additional performance benefits including manual attack resistance[EN356,LPS1270/LPS1175], sound reduction, fire resistance [Exova, CertiFire], ballistic resistance [EN1063] and blast resistance.

Impact resistant glass Fire Resistant security glass Bullet Resistant security glass Blast Resistant impact resistant glass